Tuesday 24 September 2013

Book: Effortless Beauty, by Julie DuBose

I've had this book for a while, but never got around to write about it. I guess now is a time as good as any.
In this beautiful book Julie DuBose explains all about true perception: seeing the world fresh and anew. "Seeing simply and completely, without our thoughts continually separating us from the freshness of our experience without the judgements of what is best or right, good or bad, about what we are seeing."
The book contains many clear examples and leads us by the hand into the world of contemplative photography: from Stillness & Intention, Flashes of lightning, to Coming to a full stop and Sad Joy.
I would recommend it to anyone who is aspiring to taking up contemplative photography.

"Follow your pure heart
Let your eye and mind float together as one
in the experience of resting in openness and simplicity
The visual world manifests as Effortless Beauty."

Julie DuBose

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