Yoga & Art

My housemate Vir Kaur organizes Yoku workshops every other Thursday. Yoku is an abbreviation for Yoga and Kunst (Dutch word for Art). The evening is divided in two parts: we start with a Kundalini yoga session to get our fire started up and after that we smoothly flow into the art part. Every evening has a theme which also works as an intention for the whole session.
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element of water
element of water
swadistana or second chakra
swadistana or second chakra
muladhara or first chakra
muladhara or first chakra
Yoku: Cocooning
yoku: starting together
Starting together
Yoku: Silence
Yoku: Ready for Winter II
Ready for Winter II
You as part of Nature II
You as part of Nature II
You as part of Nature
Yoga & Art: Essence II
Essence II
Yoga & Art: Essence I
Essence I
Yoga & Art: Alive
Yoga & Art: Here and Now
Here and Now

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