Monday, 30 July 2007

Metro of Paris

subway entrance Paris
One thing I love about Paris is the great underground system, it really takes you everywhere around the city. I also love the design of the stations, above and below ground, modern or vintage style.
metro stop: Concorde
modern style metro stop: Concorde
old station of N-D des Champs
Above is the metro station that was right around the corner of our apartment: N.D. des Champs. It was being renovated and the old tiles, posters and ads  appeared. It was like stepping back in time.
quay of N.D. des Champs
quay of N-D des Champs
old poster at N-D des Champs
old poster appearing at metro stop N-D des Champs

metro-sign at N-D des Champs
See here for more pictures of Paris.

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