Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A little bit of Spring

budding tree
The past few days really felt like Spring: birds are coming back from their warm winter destination and are starting to sing in the morning, dawn starts earlier (when I get up actually), the air smells full of promises and most important of all: temperatures have risen during day time and the sun is back!
green parakeet in tree
So last Sunday I went for a walk through the Vondelpark here in Amsterdam together with tons of other people who had the same idea. We are all ready for Spring, we all want the sun and its warmth!
reflection of bare trees in water
I was out there on a mission: taking photographs for my big commission, but I couldn't help being stopped by other things too, like these graphic reflections of bare trees in water
light on tree bark
or this soft afternoon Spring light on the bark of a tree.
swimming coot
And this red water with the swimming coot in it just stopped me dead in my tracks. I love Spring, I welcome it with open arms!

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