Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Capturing motion

1/125, F9
1/125, F9, ISO 100
I've started taking a photography course at Fotogram. I wanted to follow their Portrait course, but that will not start before October and it is taught at level III. So I thought I would start at the beginning (again) at level I.
1/80, F13
1/80, F13, ISO 100
Information on focal length, depth of field, ISO and such is not at all new to me, but I don't see any harm in repeating some of this knowledge and learning new stuff at the same time. The participants are all photography enthousiasts and their ages vary from very young (17) up to the somewhat older (63).
1/30, F18
1/30, F18, ISO 100
One of the first assignments was to capture movement by following a subject with your camera in a straight line which results in motion blur. The blurrier the background in the photo, the longer the shutter speed was as you can see by these examples. All photos were taken by hand, I didn't use a tripod. With a real slow shutter speed like 1/8, bottom photo, that causes a lot of motion blur.
1/30, F18
1/15, F29, ISO 100

I went to the Vondelpark to photograph cyclists on a sunny day. I quite enjoyed this assignment, because of the effect you can create with this technique. 
You could use this technique capturing all sorts of motion like children, animals, flowers and everything else you can think of.
1/8, F22
1/8, F22, ISO 100
Of course this has nothing to do with contemplative photography: our eyes don't perceive motion like this, but it was fun and educational none the less.

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