Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Post cards

I decided to do a little experiment and tried out some prints from two of my pictures. I sent the first batch to to have my favorite picture of February (Japanese blossom, see here for my blogpost) printed out as a glossy postal card. Their site is very user friendly, but at the check out I was startled by the extra cost for shipping, that was more expensive than the cost for the cards themselves! The outcome is a pretty card, but rather expensive. I like the colours and the glossiness of the card.

The second card (see original blogpost over here) was a picture taken in Venice, also in February. I sent this picture to HEMA for a glossy folded card with envelopes. Since HEMA is on everywhere I could pick them up in the store, so no extra cost for shipping. However, if you compare the card with the original photograph, you see that the colours are quite different. I'm glad I didn't print thousands of them, but just 10.

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