Monday, 28 September 2015

Pilgrimage around mount Arunachala, India

Indian children on the road
On one of the mornings in Thiruvannamalai, India our yoga teacher Ganga took us on a pilgrimage: circumnavigating the holy mount Arunachala. Normally that is done in bare feet on full-moon and festival days with thousands of pilgrims, but one can also walk the 14km circle in one's own time. The circumambulation is considered to be a sacred act and beneficial in all ways. According to Sri Ramana Lord Shiva resides on mount Arunachala.
Indian Hindu deity
We started at the side of the huge Arunachaleswar temple complex and circled around the extinct volcano clock wise. 
Indian Hindu temple
I had taken my camera with me on this tour thinking I could take photographs while walking, but the pace was too high to keep up so after a while I decided to split from the group together with another member and to tour the mountain at our leisure.
Indian man on bicycle and henna hand
We took a coffee here, a break there and after some time we were looking desperately for a toilet but could not find any. We decided to take a rickshaw to town for lunch and not before long we met the other members in one of our hotspots. This post gives an impression of the tour.
road around mount Arunachala
Members of our travel group. 
Indian woman in Thiruvannamalai
 Indian woman carrying a basket in one of the roads of Thiruvannamalai, India.
Indian woman tending garden
Indian woman tending the garden at a small ashram we saw on the way.
monkeys on scaffolding
Above and below: monkeys on the scaffolding of the Arunachaleswar Temple. 
monkeys on temple scaffolding

sound horn truck
Almost all trucks are embellished and have the notification sound horn painted on the back. Traffic in India is very noisy and hectic.

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