Thursday, 10 October 2013

An afternoon at the beach

Last Sunday the weather was simply beautiful, it felt like summer again. The sun was out, the sky was blue and it was about 19 degrees Celsius even at the coast. My friend H. asked was my plans were for the day and I said it was a perfect day to go to the seaside. And so we did.

We first took a walk and I enjoyed all the qualities of the sand: the trails, textures, shapes made by water & air and the footsteps on it.

 Some people were hangliding, they came to close I could wave at them.

We sat down for a while to chat and to have a close look around us. When we got up I saw the imprint of H's jeans in the sand. That was a BIG flash of perception! There was no way around it.

On the way back to the car these two foot imprints struck me. There were some afterthougths as: who were these people, did they know each other or were they just strangers passing by at different moments in time?

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