Wednesday, 16 October 2013

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I have decided to change my blog a little. It would still be a lot about Miksang / Contemplative photography, but I would like to make the topic a little broader: contemplative living and mindfulness. I teach yoga and I find that much of the yoga philosophy is the foundation for mindfulness and Miksang.

So, today is about my day. I started out with a yoga session, I enjoy that on my day off (on Wednesdays I don't work) and to really take my time. It is my day and I don't have to rush, so I don't set my alarm, take a shower after waking up and do an hour yoga session (or longer). Sometimes I practice a few asanas after the sun salutation, sometimes I play a dvd.

After yoga, I get dressed and have breakfast. This morning I had homemade chocolate granola. I will share the recipe some other time.

After that I checked up on some e-mails and had a coffee with raw milk. Raw milk contains all the good proteins that your body needs. Don't cook it over 40 degrees Celsius though, it will kill those proteins.

After coffee, I went to the municipal thrift store to bring some stuff. I've come regularly to that shop and one of my goals is to bring items that I don't use anymore and that could brighten up someone else's day. I was a really good girl and only brought back two books on massages.

After that I sorted the mail. I am in charge of sending the mail to people who don't live here any more and who have moved to other places. I've shared before that I live with several groups of people in an old building.

After shopping, I treated myself to a homemade carrot juice, recipe will be posted within a few days.

And I ended the afternoon with finally putting my new table in place of the old. The former one is actually more of a bed tray, see below. It got way too small and I started cluttering things around it. So I got that in place and I felt very content about it.

There is this psychological thing about cleaning up: it clears my head and it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment!
It may look like I had a very busy day, but I took my time and walked slowly to the stores. I took time to practice my Miksang and appreciated Autumn leaves.

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