Tuesday, 15 April 2014

People of Prague

To continue on our trip to Prague: I went there last week with my friend H. Below are some snapshots of the people we saw in the streets and of the relatives we visited. I noticed in the city center, that Prague is a bit like Amsterdam: people from all corners of the world come to visit and to have a good time.
little boy with dandelion
Little boy with dandelion flower
boys working on the laptop
Boys working on the laptop
girl looking at the view
Girl looking at the view
happy woman
Happy woman
little girl taking pictures of bridge band
Little girl taking pictures of the bridge band
man with dog
Man with a dog on his lap
giant nude woman in the street
Giant nude woman in the street
old man sitting on bench
Old man sitting on bench enjoying the sun 
couple on the bridge
Couple on the Charles Bridge
photo of me
Me in front of a poster wall
posing couple
Posing couple on the Charles Bridge
two sisters watching photos on camera
Two women watching photos on camera
touching for good luck
Touching for good luck
two girls enjoying the view
Two girls enjoying the view

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