Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A walk on the beach

flying seagull
Last Sunday I went to the beach rather unexpectedly: a friend asked me whether I was up to it, I was and so we went.
footsteps in the sand
The weather was not all that good, bit on the chilly side, lots of clouds (beautiful clouds actually) and it looked like it could rain any minute further inland. As we came closer to the coast the sky was clear and it was sunny.
footsteps in sand with seashell
Because of the changeable forecast it was very quiet on the beach, there were hardly any people around. The tide was low and the beach was broad. Perfect timing.
pink plastic in sand
pink plastic in sand
rippled sand
 You could still see that it had rained recently.
sea foam
sea foam
tyre tracks in the sand
tyre tracks in the sand
wood and sand
It was an outstanding day for a walk on the beach, very pleasurable and again I was fascinated by the many qualities of sand: the lines, colours, texture and patterns.

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