Friday, 19 September 2014

People in Haarlem

father and daughter moment
I take so many pictures, sometimes I don't even have the time to post them on my blog or share them on my Facebook page. I even go as far as deliberately not taking my camera with me to protect myself. Otherwise I end up with tons of photos on my harddrive without having been able to show them.
little girl with curly hair
Like these photos for example. About two weeks ago I went to the Bewust Haarlem market, Haarlem is and old town close to Amsterdam (and yes, New York City's Harlem was named after it) with a few Miksang friends. Our very own teacher was going to be there with her stand giving out information about her workshops and selling some of her pictures.
dance teacher at her stand
I was mainly interested in buying a few of her photographs (I'll show them in a separate blog post) but I also thought it was an extremely good occasion to photograph people.
dangling foot
The market was in the middle of the old city centre and attracted quite a crowd. I noticed quite soon that photographing people in a busy area where everybody was moving around a lot was not going to get me anywhere.
girl at water fountain
I found that children playing around were a good subject. Children are totally in the moment and when they are playing they are very focussed at what they are doing.
woman healing man

man receiving a healing with crystals
Obviously, people sitting down with their eyes closed are very easy to photograph.
woman with orange bag
 So are people taken from the back. Easy peasy.
little blond girl
little blond girl
woman in pink
woman in pink
woman trying out a massage matras
woman trying out a massage matras
demonstration of a tango class
demonstration of a tango class
Then I noticed a small wooden floor where a dance couple were giving a demo of a tango class. There were some people standing around the floor looking at the dancing couples. This gave me some space and time to slowly move around and to have a good look. This was a good spot to capture people!
two opposite pairs of shoes

yeah, right!
Yeah, right! she must have been thinking.
woman in striped dress
bent back
woman with polkadot skirt
Well, I hope my experience is helpful to you. I am learning on the job, is that what they call it?

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