Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Leaves in the botanical garden

red leaves on sidewalk
Yesterday I took a little walk at lunch time, my first walk since a while. I decided to go to the botanical gardens of the university: it's close by and I felt like seeing and smelling nature.
yellow and brown leaves in a puddle
red and brown leaves
red and brown leaves
The garden was beautiful: full of yellow, red, orange and even green leaves. I am so enjoying this season, it's like I've never experienced it so vividly!
sunlight on leaves
The moment in the photo above was amazing: I saw the sunlight appearing on the sidewalk in the garden, it lit up the orange leaves and made shadows. A few seconds later the magic was gone. 
orange leaf with raindrops
red leaves against blue backdrop
red leaves against a blue backdrop
My head was full of things that I was working on, but the short walk invigorated me, cleared my head and gave me a lot of joy.
red leaf and leaves with raindrops
red leaf and leaves with raindrops
leaf and lots of tiny drops
leaf and lots of tiny drops
Do you love this season, too?

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