Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Day III Space Awareness: people in space

beach and parked motorcycles
Last Sunday was the third and last day of this wonderful workshop. We went one step further and we could include people and animals as phenomena in space.
boy and girl playing on stack of beach chairs
Funny enough, that felt easier to do on Saturday when we were not supposed to do so yet. Sometimes when I felt myself too eager to take shots with people in it I went back to the intention of space without people or animals in it.
boy walking through water
boy walking through water 
couple in sand and a parked bicycle
Our teacher Hèlen explained to us again the Heaven - Earth - Man principle. We probably would not practice it while walking around with our cameras, but we could use it while looking back at our photos.
woman walking on the beach
For example in the photo above: the Heaven-principle (base) is the beach, the Earth-principle (second dominant aspect) is formed by the tyre-tracks and the Man-principle (the aspect which brings Heaven and Earth together) is the woman on the beach.
woman looking at the beach
We could add the aspect of people and animals on this third day, because we were grounded in space. We could explore them as form.
man waiting for a bus
man waiting for a bus
bare trees and a  grey sky
Hèlen asked us what we would be bringing home with us and what our expectations were before we came over. My expectations were low except that I expected to learn something new and I was eager to know about it and to practice with it.
woman and dumpsters on the beach
woman and dumpsters on the beach
What I experienced through the workshop was: freedom, happiness, relaxation and openness. It was a fun group and our teacher seemed to have enjoyed it and learned from it, too. What I will bring home with me is a feeling of endless possibilities, a broad horizon in more ways than one.

See also day I and day II of this workshop.

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