Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Travel Day in India: from Auroville to Thiruvannamalai

Indian man on motorcycle
Travel Days, I remember them from my days with Holiday on Ice. I used to work as a traveling secretary with the show, living out of a suitcase as we called it and staying in hotels. Travel Days used to be a little stressful: packing my suitcase, checking out the hotel, paying the bill, having a lift with one of the skaters or taking a taxi to the railway station and a train from thereon.
India: on the road
The travel days in India were a lot more relaxed: transportation was arranged beforehand by our yoga teacher Ganga. All we had to do was to pack our stuff, check out, pay the bill and get in the bus which was waiting for us right at the guest house. Piece of cake.
India: on the road
The first travel day was a short stretch by Indian standards: it took us about three hours to go from Auroville to Thiruvannamalai. The distance was not far in kilometers, but the 'main' road was very bumpy. Also, it had rained the night before so it was muddy and the road had lots of puddles causing the driver to drive carefully. Ganga said they have been working on this road for years, but they still have not finished it.
street corner in India
I took a few snapshots from within the riding bus, they are not meant as serious photographs but merely to give an impression of the countryside and the smaller towns. Those who have been to India will probably recognize the country's characteristics.
view on Indian street
Enjoy the ride!
man carrying firewood in India
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