Friday, 11 September 2015

Following your highest excitement

patterns on the beach
Last weekend I participated in another contemplative photography weekend in Zandvoort. Actually that is not correct, it was not about contemplative photography, but it was given by the same teacher and the substance of the workshop was on a higher level: about abundance and finding our highest excitement, the Path of Creation.
reflection on silver car
The universe expresses everything in abundance, so we are also an expression of abundance: growth, curiosity, happiness. But we humans tend to think in shortcomings, failures and defects and we have a limited perception on abundance in general (money, possessions), actually abundance includes everything: nature, feeling good, moments. Our senses are the gate to experiencing this happiness. 
semi-circle in sand
Everything that we give attention to tends to grow, look at our worries. If I lay awake at night because I worry over something (I do that a lot), the thing that I might be afraid of happening, will actually happen because I give it so much energy. That is one of the reasons why affirmations and goals always are drawn up in a positive way.
green kite in sand
During the weekend we practiced changing our thoughts from shortcomings to abundance in various sessions by visualizing what we desired in our lives. The weekend was about how to manifest our desired reality. How do we do that? By choosing at any given moment our highest excitement, it is as simple as that.
foam lines in sand
Choosing our highest excitement in small and big decisions, to the best of our ability, taking action on that excitement as far as it feels right and without expectations of the outcome.
little boy on the beach
It is what children and animals, especially cats, do: they live in the moment and they do whatever they feel like best at that moment without pondering whether it is good for them or not, they go unconditionally for their highest excitement.
overal view on the beach
During the afternoons we practiced following our highest excitement in town and on the beach: we were not given an specific intention for photography, we simply walked around with our cameras, walked where we felt like going and experienced abundance everywhere: rain, sunshine, sand, people, friendship, space but also the abundance of food and drinks.
raindrops on window
And that felt good. By the photographs you can see that I was stopped by a variety of perceptions.
red flower on black doormat
I also choose to practice following my highest excitement at work this past week: I was asked to temporary fulfill a higher position and after a night's sleep I accepted without worrying about what will happen to me afterwards (I will get my current job back, but will I still like that?).
surfer dude on the beach
I also felt that NOT following my highest excitement at work, read: taking time to talk to colleagues, and to continually rush to the next job was making me unhappy and draining me. My senses let me know that that is not the right way to do my daily chores.
washed up seaweed
So I experienced with that too this week. My fellow secretary was taken ill and a lot of work was coming in hourly, I was swamped. The first day I was trying to keep up with my email and I went home exhausted. The next days I took mini-breaks: chatted to friendly colleagues for as long as that felt good. I still had a lot of work done, but I felt less drained at the end of the day.

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