Friday, 10 May 2013

Ascension Day

I went to my sister's for Ascension Day. The weather was beautiful, in the sun it felt like summer. The garden was full of flowers.

Lily of the valley

In the morning we went biking outside town. In the picture below you see my nieces on a concrete antitank wall, a leftover from World War II. 

Later on my nieces played a game of draughts.


  1. Lily of the valley, surely (not forget-me-nots. Slip of the mind?). They have totally overgrown my garden, and though I love them, I had to uproot them. Now they have their designated spot and the ones which escape I pull out ruthlessly. With a bleeding heart, for their smell is so wonderful.

  2. Thank you. And you're ever so right, Lily of the Valley it is!


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