Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Market Amsterdam

Today, my sister and I went to the Sunday market in Amsterdam. Even though it is the end of May, it's was awfully cold and it rained a bit. There were not a lot of people at the market because of this dreadful weather. Still, we had a look around and found a few lovely stalls with vintage articles and clothes.

This stand sold lovely summer dresses, but because it's still too cold for the time of year I wasn't in the mood buying any of these.

I love the red shoes, but they were three sizes too small for me. The lady from this stall bought all her merchandise in France, so her stall had a french look.

At the same stall I bought this lovely jar with a singing bird. I think I will use it as a sugar bowl. Although I don't take sugar myself, guests like my sister do and I collect sugar bags from all over the world just for those occasions. I could save them in this cheerful jar.

I also bought this vintage-like wallpaper. I fantasize about all the paper projects I can do with that, starting with making little notebooks.

We finished our afternoon at a place called 'The Lighthouse' and ordered a cappuccino and a piece of apple pie with hand whipped cream. Lovely!

Read here for more information on the Sunday Market Amsterdam.

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