Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pink petals

There are four trees in front of my house that are shedding their pink blossoms. When I went out for groceries this morning, I just gasped when walking underneath those trees. A lot of blossoms are still on the trees, but the pavement is now covered with fallen flowers and petals.

I got so excited and that's not good in Miksang photography, because when you are excited you don't really see anymore. When you have an emotion, your attention is with that emotion and you are not so much aware of what is around you. It will be difficult to have a flash of perception then. 

When my excitement cooled off a little, I started to be truly aware of my surroundings and I saw pink petals everywhere.

The sidewalk was simply covered with them.

Also the cars parked close to the blossom trees were covered in petals. How joyful!

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