Saturday, 18 May 2013

'The Photobook' by Dick Boer

And now for something completely different.
I like thrifting, and most of all I like going to the thrift store in the small town where my friend H. lives. Every time we go in there, we come out with the loveliest things. And they still have good quality vintage for a low price.

This book for example. It's a Dutch book on photography by Dick Boer. This particular copy is from a 9th print and published in 1955. It is a classical book on photography and it explains everything from basic technique to cameras and composition.

The art of leaving out

I haven't read the book yet from cover to cover and I probably won't, but it's lovely to leaf through. I love the typography and the language of those days.

Chaos or order?

Most of the pictures are shown in black & white.

The art of leaving out is very important in Miksang photography. After you experienced a flash, you look longer and longer to see what it is that you actually saw. Then you determine what is supposed to be in the image and what not. It's a process I often take too quickly.

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