Monday, 14 July 2014

Moving in

Last weekend I helped my sister moving in her new old apartment, actually the whole family did as most of her friends were already on holiday. The weekend before I helped her sanding and painting, and in the week in between the weekends the carpet arrived and she had the first things being moved in. This is how the hallway looked like:
boxes in the hallway
All the big things had arrived like beds and cupboards, but they were all in pieces and had to be reassembled. We started on the beds of the kids.
my sister painting the bunk bed
Now was also the time to paint any of those items like the above bunk bed of the twins. They had been sleeping in it for years and it could use a little revamp. She had a leftover blue-green chalk paint et voila!
living room table
My sister got some essential items for free from friends like this table which had been in storage for years. We schlepped it home, put the legs underneath it and gave a wash. She might paint it later or she may not, she has not decided yet.
living room
The living room still looks a bit bare here, but later on we added two small side tables from her storage. It started to look more and more like a real cozy home. The lamp shade left of the sofa is also a gift.
inside of built in closet
She spiced up the built in closet in the living room by putting this lovely wallpaper on the shelves. The inside and outside of this closet still needs a coat of paint, she will do that later on after she has put up all the beds and cupboards.
kitchen cabinet
Sunday afternoon I started unpacking the boxes with kitchen stuff so she'd be able to cook after the weekend. I found some lovely coloured baking equipment and my mother had planted three herbs in a row: mint, chives and basil. The whole kitchen smelled lovely!
twins on the bench
Later in the afternoon when the twins arrived from their father, we sat outside on the balcony and enjoyed a cup of tea and Emily made a drawing. Together again at last.

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