Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Book review: Plant Power

It's been a while since I reviewed a book on the blog and I thought it was about time. Last week I bought the lovely book Plant Power by Dutch author Lisette Kreischer.
cover Plant Power
In the preface she explains that the book is not a diet or a scientific book, nor a cookbook in the common sense of the word. Plant Power is a guide to a way of healthy eating, of life.
Plant Power: Funky, plant powered food
Plant Power: Good food is fun, fabulous and fantastic
This book is for everyone who is interested in learning about pure and vegetable Food (vegetarian, flexitarian and vegan) which will give you energy, spirit and a well balanced weight.
The book is divided in four main chapters, the four seasons, and each season has its special fruits and vegetables. She explains about the effects of certain ingredients, about super foods, what you'd better avoid and about blood sugar levels. Each season is divided in three categories: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The photography, by Yvonne Palsgraaf, is simple and direct.
I would highly recommend this book: it's clearly explained and well written and the recipes look attractive. I will definitely try out some of her dishes in the near future.

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