Friday, 22 August 2014


Level II workshop in Miksang Contemplative Photography is about Making Contact. This is about meeting fully the thatness of that, before our thoughts and without afterthoughts kick in, totally in the moment, without any pre-conceited ideas. Level II is about experiencing the totality instead of going into elements. It has a sense of stillness, it is no moment and it is not moving. We go into the experience of going into the thatness (THAT is what you see, outside of you), not exciting, not poetic. If you'd come back the next day, you could meet it again (event-free zone).
One of the assignments in level II is Sidewalks and it's about meeting the full sidewalkness of sidewalks. Below are a few examples. Click on the caption below the picture to go to the corresponding blog post.
orange grid on street
orange grid on street, August 2014
street, June 2014
sidewalks in Prague
sidewalks of Prague, April 2014
train station platforms
train station platforms, August 2013
campus sidewalks
campus sidewalks, July 2013
yellow sidewalks
yellow sidewalks, February 2012
workshop level II: sidewalk
workshop level II: sidewalk, February 2012
By totality of that is meant the bodily feeling of that by making contact. Be conscious of what you see and have curiosity to explore. The world is a sacred place in all its aspects.

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