Thursday, 18 June 2015

Around here

embellished stairs, Bull temple, Bangalore India
embellished stairs, Bull temple, Bangalore India
Am preparing myself for my trip to India next month and starting to get excited.
Handed in my passport and visum application form this week. Fingers crossed.
Discussed with my yoga friend Anita where to go after the yoga and mediation weeks and before we fly home.
Booked a room for us in Mysore in this hotel.
Realizing that I will turn 50 next month in India.
Contemplating how I will celebrate this milestone.
Started the Beginners course in photography at Fotogram, Amsterdam.
Was nominated for the Fotogram Award 2015.
Had my last session in the Shambhala lecture series Basic Goodness II this week.
Introduced my successor in yoga class last week, I decided to stop teaching at the way other end of the city.
Have been pondering on the logos that my friend and graphic designer Karin designed for me. Still have not made up my mind.
Am in desperate need of some alone-time, my calendar is too swamped.

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  1. You are doing too many things. Concentrate on one thing you are really most passionate about - like photography and travel photography. Perhaps you could sell pics to travel magazines or publishers of travel books. Or picture postcards - artistic ones - of Amsterdam. It might bring in something as well, which art doesn't always do..


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