My name is Daniëlle. I work as a secretary and a yoga teacher, but my biggest passion in life is photography. I got my first camera when I was about 12 years old and I've taken pictures ever since. Apart from photography, I like art, costuming, food, thrifting and going places. Life can be simple: I am happy when I come home with a few pictures after a walk around the block.

I decided on starting a blog in September 2012 (yes, I've published a few blog posts before that date, but I antedated the posts for the sake of chronology), because I was taking so many pictures that Facebook no longer was the place to show them. I longed for a little place of my own where I could display all my work.

I am about to start my own business in creative photography, yoga and personal growth next to my part time job, so I am open for commissions. Presently I am working on a large photography project for the Faculty of Social Sciences at my university.

All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise. If you'd like to use or buy any of them, please email me: roelevelddanielle AT gmail dot com. Below are some pictures of me taken by others.
Joke Tromp
photo by Kees de Witt Wijn
Kees de Witt Wijn
photo by Miksang Natasscha
Miksang Natasscha
drinking a cup of tea
Marij van Haren

 Eduard Lampe

cross-legged position
Agavni Jessaijan
my hair
Hèlen A. Vink
photo by Hèlen A. Vink

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