Friday, 29 August 2014


As I mentioned under Sidewalks (see the button above Trees in the left-hand side bar) level II is about the thatness of that. This was another assignment within level II and is obviously about the treeness of trees.
branch and sky
A branch here and there, February 2014
Contemplative workshop, level II: trees
Contemplative workshop, level II: trees
A grey day, February 2013
A grey day, February 2013
Orange leaves on a branch
Orange leaves on a branch, November 2012

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Staycation is over: back to work!

My staycation is over, actually already by a week and a half but I've been postponing to get back to you about it. I had set myself some goals for the staycation and below I will tell you how I went about it.
  • start my calligraphy E-course. Ehm, I actually started last weekend, so that's a week after my staycation. Only last weekend I felt that I had the space in my head to actually sit down and start the process and I am loving it. Here is a picture of my first efforts (Roman capitals):
    first attempt at calligraphy: Roman capitals
  • finish organizing my study. I tackled that for the most part: I placed an extra shelf in the bookcase, cleared out most rubbish on my new desk and hung up some cheerful images (the framed painting is from my hand, painted on the second Yoku class). Below is a picture of my desk right now. It is a happy place for me to be.
    my desk
  • upload pictures from former travels and citytrips from before my blogging time. I started on that and uploaded one trip (to Braunfels, Germany), but realized there were way too many trips. I decided to make it an autumn/winter project and to maybe upload a trip every week (travel Tuesday?).
  • finish my photo book on Summer 2013. Finished! Look for the book over here. I am quite happy with it.
  • do little DIY projects like: folding envelopes with pretty paper, painting quotes or words on canvas. Have not started on those, but I bought all the materials so it is just a matter of timing. I did make another small DIY: sea shells in a glass jar.
  • be a tourist in my own town of Amsterdam and visit at least two museums. I actually went to one museum and that was the Design Museum Ghent (Belgium). Highly recommended.
  • try out my 'new' secondhand 100 mm lens that a friend gave me. I showed my first and only attempt over here. I definitely need to practice more.
  • paint a wicker chair and a living room table. Yes, I painted my wicker chair yellow, but I am still pondering on the colour for the living room table. Below you can see what my living room looks like now:
    living room
  • go to Ghent on a weekend trip. Check! We had a lovely time in Ghent. We made plans to go back there in winter time.
    tea in Ghent, Belgium
  • try out more exotic juices and smoothies. Did that, mainly smoothies. You can see them on my smoothies page.
Overall I had a wonderful time, saw lots of girlfriends, enjoyed the sunny weather (no guarantees in Holland about the sun and temperatures) and I was creative. One spoiler: my broken up relationship. I guess it will take me some time to heal.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Display boards

A few years ago I went on a special trip to the White Desert of Egypt. One of my plans is to post the photos on my blog, but today I want to share something else with you. On that particular trip I found many crystals, stones and pieces of what looks like melted iron.
window sill with stones and such
Many years I displayed these little treasures as in the picture above, loosely arranged in the window sill.
wooden boards with rectangle sections
I have been looking for years for a proper display, something flat with sections, something like an antique letter box from a print shop.
label doing Goods
diagonal of wooden boards
And last Saturday I found just the thing by happenstance (I just love that old fashioned word) in a pop-up store around the corner of my house.
display boards on legs
display boards on legs
Apparently it's from Bali and the boards look like they had a life before this one. I asked the shop keeper and he advised me to check out the website of doing Goods, but it does not seem to work yet. Maybe the boards were used in a shop for jewelry or coins? Who knows, I love them and I think the little legs are adorable.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Vondelpark: reflections

reflection of orange flowers, Vondelpark
Last Thursday a friend of mine came to dinner. After dinner we went for a stroll in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam. It was the golden hour: the sun cast its soft golden light on the trees and plants.
reflection of people in a pond
Many people were out there walking, jogging, cycling and/or talking to friends.
reflection of a swan
This swan is part of ArtZuid Junior, the international sculpture route of Amsterdam. All the sculptures are designed by students and tell the story of the Vondelpark. The exhibition is located in the Vondelpark in honor of its 150th anniversary.
reflection of chemtrail in water
reflection of chemtrail in water
reflection of pink clouds in water
reflection of pink clouds in water
What struck me was that there was hardly any wind. The water was so smooth that everything was reflected with such a clarity that I had to grab my camera and snap a few photos.
reflection of clouds in water
reflection of clouds in water

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Raspberry-mango smoothie

Yesterday I felt like splurging a little and I bought a little box of raspberries in the organic store. They looked really delicious and I was dying to make a smoothie with them.
raspberry-mango smoothie
So this morning I did just that and I loved the tangy bite of it and the soft pinkish colour! I made this smoothie with yoghurt (from the farmers market) by lack of any non-dairy milk, but you can use any liquid you like.

1 handful of raspberries
1 mango
1 banana
bit of yoghurt
bit of chia seeds
spoonful of rice syrup
Peal the banana and mango, add all the other ingredients and blend well. Delicious!

Friday, 22 August 2014


Level II workshop in Miksang Contemplative Photography is about Making Contact. This is about meeting fully the thatness of that, before our thoughts and without afterthoughts kick in, totally in the moment, without any pre-conceited ideas. Level II is about experiencing the totality instead of going into elements. It has a sense of stillness, it is no moment and it is not moving. We go into the experience of going into the thatness (THAT is what you see, outside of you), not exciting, not poetic. If you'd come back the next day, you could meet it again (event-free zone).
One of the assignments in level II is Sidewalks and it's about meeting the full sidewalkness of sidewalks. Below are a few examples. Click on the caption below the picture to go to the corresponding blog post.
orange grid on street
orange grid on street, August 2014
street, June 2014
sidewalks in Prague
sidewalks of Prague, April 2014
train station platforms
train station platforms, August 2013
campus sidewalks
campus sidewalks, July 2013
yellow sidewalks
yellow sidewalks, February 2012
workshop level II: sidewalk
workshop level II: sidewalk, February 2012
By totality of that is meant the bodily feeling of that by making contact. Be conscious of what you see and have curiosity to explore. The world is a sacred place in all its aspects.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Street: Orange grid

A few weeks ago the faded orange grid on the tramtracks close to campus were repainted. I've been wanting to go there and photograph it since before my staycation, but didn't get round to do it.
street: orange grid
Today I walked over there in between rain showers to have a look. Because the streets were still wet the orange colour just popped. Unbelievable!
street: orange grid
You probably all know by now that I love patterns and these were so fantastic, I got a little excited by looking at them.
street: orange grid

street: orange grid

street: orange grid

street: orange grid

street: old and new layers of orange
I also like the fact that you can see the old and the new layers of paint, they're quite crude actually. Nothing subtle about it, but then again, these patterns are to warn pedestrians so they should be plain to see.
Anyways, I enjoyed looking at the orange patterns, I hope you do too.

Monday, 18 August 2014

DIY: mini photo book Summer 2013

One of my staycation goals this year was to finish my mini photo book of my vacation of Summer 2013. I succeeded. Most of the book was already done, but I needed to deal with some final details like lettering, buying extra materials and creating a cover.
cover of mini book Summer 2013
I re-used a cardboard parcel as a box in which I could lay my mini book. On the front cover I stuck some photos that I didn't use in the mini book and I strengthened the edges of the photos and the box with gold-colored washitape.
sticky letters on the cover
sticky letters and numbers on the cover
sticky letters and numbers on the cover
The sticky letters and numbers I used on the cover of the box are available in most bookshops or office supply stores.
opening the cardboard box of mini book
The mini book fits neatly in the folds of the cardboard box, I didn't have to resize or do anything about it.
two rings for binding
I used two silver coloured rings for binding all the pages together. The mini book contains three different colours of card stock: white, red and blue. Red was used for the first part of my vacation, a short to trip to Braunfels, Germany. Read the blogpost about that trip over here.
red section: Braunfels
red section: Braunfels
red section: Braunfels
red section: Braunfels, Germany
trainticket to Limoges, France
impression of Dechen Chöling, France
impression of Dechen Chöling, France
The white pages contain train tickets of travel days, photos of outings or social events. The blue pages contain photographs of the assignments of the Miksang Contemplative Photography workshop, level I and II.
theme 1: Colour
theme 1: Colour
theme 1: Colour
theme 2: sidewalks
theme 2: the sidewalkness of sidewalks
hunting for French pastry
On our day off we would like to go to nearby villages to have a look around and buy some lovely fresh French pastries. 
theme 3: pattern
theme 3: pattern
photographing each other
photographing each other
photographing each other
photographing each other
last page of mini book
last page of mini book
All the photos were developed at a local print shop.

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