Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pretty Prague II

The reason why I divided the Prague pictures in two is because I am not good at HMTL. Yet. I hope to learn some soon. In yesterday's post I published the landscape pictures and today the portrait shaped ones. I didn't succeed in posting them mixed and neatly arranged. Please bare with me, as you have to scroll quite some length to get to the end. I hope you enjoy the pictures all the same.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Pretty Prague I

Two weeks ago I went to Prague with H. to visit his son who lives over there. I shot tons of pictures and I didn't get round to post them for a while. After a few evenings of selecting and editing the past weeks, here is a first impression finally.
Prague is a beautiful city in the Czech Republic, it is very old and it has a long and rich history. We didn't make it to visit any museums as it was a family visit, but we did wander around the streets of the old city and went to some of the most pretty spots in town. Now, I love city trips and cultural sight-seeing, so this was a trip after my heart! It recharged me and I cherished the memories and visual impressions for weeks on end.

Art deco stained glass

The peace wall

Street signs

One of the most famous old streets in Prague.


I like the graphic parts in the street: old doors, painted walls and handwritten streetnames.
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