Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ivy on blue door

One of my 'preference files' is shadows, I love shadows on walls, doors, cars...

Red ivy

One the things I enjoy in Fall is the turning of the leaves. The ivy turns into flaming red even in the city.


I like the colours and style of handwriting.

Cross legged

I frequently go for a walk in the Hortus Botanicus, the university's garden, during my lunch break. I love the smell of greens, plants, flowers and such. Every season is different. On a coffee table there is always a piece, made of flowers from the garden.

Blue bike

Amsterdam is filled with bicycles in all colours and shapes. This leaf was just sitting on a bike in my street.

Washed up

These chunks of tar and shell were washed up by the sea. The previous tide left them and the lovely lines on the shore.

Beach beds

Pretty pastel colours in autumn. I personally never tried a beach bed, don't have the patience for them, but my eyes wander to them everytime I go to the beach.

Kitchen drawers

What I love about contemplative photography is the love of the ordinary and to appreciate that what surrounds you everyday.

Chinese lady

chinese lady in glass
Eating in a Chinese restaurant with my friend, I saw this beautiful lady with a halo above her head.

Cloak room

Waiting rooms, cloak rooms, fitting booths and so on are sometimes very interesting. The cloak room of the Singer Museum gave me a sense of space and tranquility.

Leaf on car

Autumn gives us wonderful colours. As I was walking back from doing groceries, I run into parked car with a leaf stuck onto it.

Round square

At the back of my house is a little round square with benches. The afternoon sun in my back gave a lovely shadow of a lamppost.


Opposite doors.

Buddha's hands

There is a spiritual center across the Vondelpark. When I stepped in to look for books, I passed a large statue of a Buddha. The wall on the left was painted bright red and on the right was a mirror that reflected the Buddha's hand.


grey coat with red buttons
As I stepped into the hallway, I noticed this grey leather coat of my housemate and it's beautiful red buttons. The red just pops out.

Candy bath

This lady shows clearly how to make fun in the bath tub.

Window shopping

My very first entry on my blog, I'm so excited! I decided to start a blog, because I take soooo many pictures. The vast majority are filed on my computer, an occasional picture would be shown to friends or family and some others I share on my personal Facebook page. As I didn't want to bother my FB connections with all my pictures and I was longing for a private space with all my best shots in it, my idea about a blog began to take shape. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Just before going to yoga class this morning, I shot a few pictures of the city in the morning. As the weather was very clear, it gave me wonderful reflections in shopping windows.
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