Thursday, 5 November 2015

Professor Brinkman's farewell lecture

The farewell seminar of Professor Brinkman preceded his official farewell lecture, both took place on 23 October in the Aula of our university. Please find an account of the formal academic speech in pictures.
waiting children
Children waiting impatiently for their grandfather's appearance in the cortege of Professors.
Indonesian delegation
An Indonesian delegation attended the lecture.
Prof W. Janse and Prof M.E. Brinkman
Professor W. Janse (Dean of the Faculty of Theology) and Professor M.E. Brinkman at the front of the cortege just before entering the Aula.
Mayor Gerritse, De Bilt
Mayor A.J. Gerritsen from Brinkman's hometown gave a special appearance at the lecture.
Professor Brinkman (left)
Professor Brinkman was pleasantly surprised by the mayor's visit.
Royal medal
Professor Brinkman received a medal for his extensive work.
Professor Brinkman's final speech
Professor Brinkman gave his final academic speech.
cortege of Professors
Diagonal view on the cortege of professors.
front row: family
Family seated at the first row on the left.
Royal Award
Professor Brinkman wearing his Royal Award.
waiting in line to congratulate
Waiting in line to congratulate Professor Brinkman.
beadle's staff and hands
The beadle's staff and hands.
toga from a different university
Toga from a different university.
Toga from a South African University

Toga from a South African University.

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