Thursday, 21 January 2016

A touch of frost

broken ice
We are having a bit of frost now, it seems that Winter has finally arrived. Nature is all confused, because some flowers and trees have already started budding. It was way too warm for the time of year.
branch on blue ice
But now it seems that temperatures have arrived to normal which is below freezing point at night. I quite enjoy a cold afternoon at the park, so I got out a last Sunday with my camera for a crisp walk.
piece of ice with a twig
 It was rather crowded in the park, apparently we all had the same idea.
branch stuck in ice

branch on ice Some people had tried out the ice to see whether it was thick enough to hold anything by throwing sticks on it. This happens every year, and although it is not a clever thing to do it stopped me dead in my tracks a few times.
reflection of a tree in ice
reflection of a tree in ice 
four sticks on ice
These four sticks on the ice gave me a feeling of spaciousness.
stick on yellow ice
And I just love the colour of yellow reflected in the ice. It was a wonderful afternoon at the park.
seagulls on ice

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