Tuesday, 4 November 2014

DIY: Flow's paper package

Flow magazine, issue no. 7, 2014
The current issue of Dutch magazine Flow (no. 7, 2014) came with an extra package of patterned paper and two envelope templates.
patterned paper designed by Elizabeth Olwen
The patterns are designed by graphic designer Elizabeth Olwen from Toronto, Canada. Now, I love a good pattern and when I saw her designs I set to work as soon as I found the time.
small envelopes in the making
One of the templates that came with Flow magazine was actually a tiny bit too big for the paper sizes, but after folding and glueing the envelopes that really didn't matter. All you can see is that the tabs don't come together in the middle.
finished little envelopes
finished large envelopes
I used a wooden template for the larger envelopes, the one that I used in September in a blogpost (see over here), since that is the size that I uses most.
little wooden envelope template
In the picture above I show you the small wooden template which I also used.
all folded envelopes 
pile of folded envelopes
I was quite happy working on these envelopes: I love the patterns and the combination of the colours Elizabeth used. Furthermore, it made me remember the days when I was wrapping my books for high school with pretty papers. I guess patterned papers are an early love of mine.

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