Thursday, 13 June 2013

Colourful bicycles

Michael Wood and Andy Karr describe the flash of perception as a perception that comes out of nowhere, there is no thought, no concept, you are really in the moment.
I experience it as something that I have described in earlier blogposts as something that catches my eye or something that makes my heart jump. It is a wonderful sensation and it makes you so aware of what is around you.
Here are a few examples of smaller flashes when I walked around the university area. They weren't big flashes, but they were there nevertheless, because they made me stop and look at something again.

I put my intention on colour, colour is easy, has no meaning, is joyful to work with and it is everywhere around you.

In this case it was all around the bicycle stands: coloured bikes. locks and anything that was attached to the bikes.

Red plastic flowers

Bike bag

Red bike with yellow lock

Pink bike with pink lock

Brownish bike with plastic flowers

Fake silk flowers

Pink bike with orange lock

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