Saturday, 15 June 2013

Everyday life

 Today's blogpost is about everyday life, the mundane things. Like this laundry basket for example. It was sitting on our stairway looking incredibly pretty because of the sunlight upon it and the shadows it made on the floor.

 We live in a 19th century building, it dates from 1889 to be exact. It used to be the building where the nurses lived (or sisters). Our building is part of a large complex of an old hospital, Wilhelmina Gasthuis, and it has these old ornaments like tiled floors and cast iron hand rails.

I went out to run some errands and saw this enormous red glass vase in the street. It reflects part of the street, lamppost and of course the blue sky with white clouds. 

In the organic store the fruit was displayed with the light coming from behind and above. This one cherry was obviously in the wrong box, but looked very comfortable amongst the nectarines.

And the cherry box looked simply lovely with all the reds and light upon it.

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