Monday, 17 June 2013

iPad case and laptop sleeve

I have so many pictures now and almost everyday I'm taking more and more. What to do with them? This is one of the reasons why I started this blog, to show others my pictures.

Photos printed on gifts, like this iPad case and laptop sleeve, is another option. In an earlier blogpost in February I showed you the picture of a Japanese blossom. See below the original photograph.

And then compare it with the iPad case. You can see the difference in colour. The case below has more blue tones than the original.

For the iPad case one can choose between a white and black border. I choose white. It is made of hard plastic (with glossy picture) and it clicks easily onto the back of your iPad.

The sleeve for the laptop only comes with a black border. The colours are less blue and more grey than the case.

Regardless of the differences in tones I must say I'm quite happy with the outcome. Everytime I look at the items I remember the moment when I took the picture and I feel my heart jump again.
I ordered the items at the HEMA.

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