Friday, 26 July 2013

Fish and chips

Last night I went out for dinner with a girlfriend. I went over to her house and then we biked to a square not far from there. We were early, so there were not a lot of people yet, but after a while the sidewalk chairs started to fill up.  We were looking around and it felt like we were in Paris, probably because of the tall trees and the relaxed atmosphere. In fact, it felt like a mini vacation in our own town!

From where I sat there was lots to see, for example the shadow of the iron table and chairs,

the shadow and reflection of the glass of water,

and then of the glass of water (right) and the glass of dry white wine (left). If it wasn't for my friend I would have happily clicked away.

We both ordered the fish and chips for that holiday feeling. Haven't eaten that in years and it tasted excellent. They wrapped it in a real paper, so British!

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