Sunday, 17 November 2013


While I am working on the exhibition, I'm going through a lot of my older Miksang pictures. I found these from a Miksang practise day in August 2011, our intention was on colour. I explained how this works from the workshop last July.
I remember taking these pictures like it was yesterday, that's because the way they are taken: you remember the flash of perception, what you saw, where you saw it and more details like the weather and such. If you can't remember any of this, you probably didn't experience a flash.
Looking at them again I still like them, they are strong and they are about color. Color, nothing more, no story, just color. I took them in Zandvoort on a very sunny day.
This partcular image reminded me of a witch looking in the mirror in her hand, but that was an afterthought.

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