Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Makeover work: after

We settled into our new offices about 3 weeks ago and we've got a little used to the space and the way of working. I showed you the before pictures here, now it is time to show the after pictures.
None of us has their own desk anymore, we are all flexing. That means when you come to the office, you pick your workstation according to your activity and at the end of the day you leave the desk clean and without any personal belongings. All that needs a lot of adjustment from all of us.
Bamboo carpet
Our new closets
Old chairs were reupholstered in the colors of our faculty.

Front desk

As you can see, the themes were light and transparency. That sounds all quite fantastic, but sometimes it's a little too transparent and we long for hiding ourselves a little especially if one is having a difficult conversation.
And now that we have lots of open spaces to work in, we need to be more quiet and take care of our neighbors. We can't just chat away with a colleague. If you have work to do that requires a lot of concentration, you can work in a so called 'concentration spot': a room for a single person. But the walls are so thin, you can actually hear what is said on the other side of it.
Hang out place
So, I change desks regularly, schlepping my things around. I do have my own cupboard to place my files and a small locker for valuables, but it feels like camping a bit. It takes me about 15 minutes to get organized in the morning and I need another 15 minutes before going home. Is that all so economical?

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