Saturday, 1 March 2014

Opening my show in Naarden

Yesterday, H. and I worked hard on hanging up my photographs at the Naarderheem nursing home. It took us about 5,5 hours to complete the job and at the end we were very satisfied with how it all looked.
announcement pillar
The announcement of my show was already posted on this information pillar at the entrance of the nursing home. It was quite a thrill to see my face and story (written by myself) there.
We started by unpacking the photos that I had wrapped by theme and number and put them on the floor. The long corridor is divided by doors, so it was a matter of putting them at the right place and seeing how it would look on that particular spot in combination with the other pictures. I made small series that look well together.
busy hands
I was very happy that my friend H. helped me that afternoon, as he used to be an engineer with a good eye. He knew exactly how to measure the photos out and work with the fixtures, better than I ever could, but hey, I am the artist.
first impression
We sorted out all the photos, then hung up them all up at wheelchair height to see how it would all look. We then did the precision work: measuring out on the wall and between the photos as well taping the extra wire behind the photos so that they would hang against the wall as flat as possible.
four pictures in a row
At the very last we put up the numbers beneath all the photos. I didn't name the pictures since this is so not Miksang. As a viewer you would instantly label the images and have thoughts and judgements about the image. The idea is to have an open mind.
three pictures in a row
We went passed through the corridor a couple of times to see if everything was to our satisfaction and it was.
Overview of the long corridor with all my photos.
Above is an impression of the left hand side of the long corridor named the 'Rozenlaan'. If you are ever in Naarden, the Netherlands, you are welcome to take a look at my photographs. Please tell me what you think of them.

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