Friday, 9 January 2015

2014 in pictures: Winter

My last blogpost was about 2014 in numbers, this post is about my most memorable photos of 2014: photos that have stayed with me and which were quite an impression when I took them (which is all about fresh perceptions). Below is part I: Winter.
mosaic: Winter 2014
Last Winter was not very cold, we hardly had any snow if any. Temperatures rose before their time and before we knew it, trees bursted with blossoms. I remember dreading the snow and frost since it is quite a bike ride to the site of  my yoga classes.
The first Miksang workshop was in January, photography was combined with meditation not in the same single action but as one reinforcing the other. After meditation my mind was really quiet and there was more room for flashes of perception.
In February I was busy preparing my second exhibition in Naarden. I was very excited about this show, because I could display a lot more photographs than in the first exhibition. It is a pity that I didn't sell anything.
In March I went to a mobile phone photography workshop in which I got knowledge of some good apps and how to use them.
In general I enjoyed my aimless walks and seeing nature in its sleep mode.

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