Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pineapple-apple smoothie

This is day 1 from a cleansing period of five consecutive days: no meat, diary products (no cheese = difficult!), no coffee, sugar nor wine, but lots of vegetables and fluids like detox tea. I support it with a course of detox tablets which stimulate the liver and intestines. So, I went for a pineapple smoothie this morning as it is in season at the moment. Also, pineapple like lemon, lime and grapefruit, works like a solvent which is good for the cleansing of the liver and galbladder. Pineapple contains the enzym bromelain, which contributes to the recovery and digestion of protein. Later on this afternoon I have a yoga intensive, perfect timing!
pineapple-apple smoothie
1 banana
half a pineapple
2 apples
bit of raw chocolate nibs
1 teaspoon of macapowder
1 tablespoon of chiaseeds
splash of coconut water
bit of coconut milk
I was going to add an avocado for extra body, but when I cut it in half, I saw that was way beyond its expiration date. That was weird, because it didn't feel like that on the outside.
Digital stamp by Elise Blaha. I just love playing around with them.

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