Thursday, 18 December 2014

Eery morning light

eery light with house and cable
This week is my last week before the holidays and I am really holding on to that thought. Work has been hectic, busy and tough with a colleague being sick and I am exhausting myself.
eery light with tall house and cable
This morning I was so tired I got up a little later than usual and decided to take the tram instead of riding my bike. I simply didn't feel like exerting myself more than I needed to.
eery light with tree
When I stepped out of the front door I noticed this yellow, eery light. I immediately got my camera out of my bag and took some shots.
eery light with trees and houses
The light was very fascinating and I realized that it makes me feel awkward when the sky does not have its usual colour. Do you have that feeling, too?
eery light reflected in water
I took a shortcut through the Vondelpark and saw the light reflected in the pond. 
eery light from street with tram cables
When I got to the tram stop the eery light was almost gone, the world had woken up and everyone was already involved in a new and busy day.

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