Saturday, 25 October 2014

Yoga and Art (Yoku): You as part of nature II

one of the participants drawing
Thursday night was the second part of the theme You as part of nature. We started with recollecting memories and thinking of how we were as a child and our connection then with nature. All I could think of was the sea and the beach: my grandmother used to live at the coast town of Katwijk aan Zee and Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, we would go there and stay with her.
another contestant drawing
The yoga session was focused on 'the essence of self' with lots of heart openers and fire breathing. But this time I didn't have an image that popped up during the session, nor a strong emotion.
my drawing
my drawing
When we went drawing (chalk like last time) we were asked to start with the outer edges and filling them in with darker colours, these connect with that childhood memory. We would fill in the middle with what we thought or felt was our core. My drawing is the one above: the blue on the outer edges is linked to the sea. My core is red and orange which represent my love. People might think I am arrogant when they first meet me, but that is a shield to protect me, I am really a shy person. So I'm kind of cool on the outside, but warm on the inside.
all four drawings in chalk
Since I hadn't received a clear image during yoga, I couldn't quite visualize how to put my love on paper. I noticed I was making an eye shape in the middle and I really didn't want that. When I got home I realized that the eye was correct: I see, I photograph and I blog about what I see. Looking and seeing are very important parts of my life hence Miksang photography.
a participant telling her personal story
a participant telling her story
listening mode
listening mode
As always I was touched by the very personal drawings and the stories that go with them. I'm learning so much from these girls it surprises me and at the same time I am very thankful to be part of these workshops.

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