Friday, 12 July 2013

Level 2: Trees

Our teacher told us that the exercises are not the main purpose of this journey, they are not Miksang. We are meant to do them so we become great seers. Curiousity is very important, without it there is no contact. Passion is also important. All your senses are involved.
So she had us sit with a particular tree for 5 minutes, no camera involved, just looking at the tree. After 5 minutes we were to get up from the chair and take pictures for 25 minutes from the same tree.
Most people met boredom, boredom is the door to making contact. We are used to entertainment, so we go and have a look somewhere else. She had us look at the same tree for half an hour. Then, if you were bored and you stuck with the tree, you really started to see.

The first three pictures are of 'my' tree. 
The other pictures below are from other trees.

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