Friday, 27 September 2013

Yoga classes

I am so excited, I started giving yoga classes last week. It's only one class a week, but still, it will give me experience and confidence in teaching and I will learn so much from it! I know that already. It's on Monday nights and I teach a class of eight women, most of whom are over 70. They are sweet and funny!
So yesterday I went to Yogisha, a yoga shop in Amsterdam to get some supplies. There was an enormous buddha sitting there and I just couldn't take my eyes of of it. I asked permission to photograph it and that was no problem. I let my eyes go over the statue and took a picture of where they rested.

While in the shop and holding my camera I took some more pictures of yoga props. The shop is located on a busy street, but inside it feels like an oasis to the senses. It's soothing and calming, like yoga.

I find yoga and contemplative photography quite related: both teach being in the moment (there is no other moment), about being non judgmental and being still. I quite enjoy the combination of the two in my life, they've giving me much peace of mind.

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