Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Motiv for a day

I've tried this before: a motiv for the day. I've wanted to do so for a long time and I really enjoyed doing it the first time, but when I saw the results I was quite disappointed: there were lots of spots in the blue skies. So I had to have my camera cleaned first and after a while I tried again.
A motiv is a series of photographs of the same object taken from more or less the same distance and angle. Our teacher of Miksang photography encouraged us to try this out, but then taken over a much longer period of time. This was a problem for me: during winter the days are too short to shoot the same object and at work the window were way too dirty. Hence I came up with the idea of a motiv for a day. The pictures today I took at the University of Amsterdam, where I could open a window.
I takes looking at what is happening with your object over space of time. I saw the clouds and chemtrails moving, the light on the tower changing, the moon coming into view and then disappearing again. Seeing the pictures in a sequence was mesmerizing.

09.06 hrs.
09.21 hrs.

10.01 hrs.

10.28 hrs.

11.30 hrs.

12.18 hrs.

13.03 hrs.

13.35 hrs.

14.01 hrs.

15.58 hrs.

16.12 hrs.

16.57 hrs.

17.39 hrs.

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