Monday, 28 January 2013

Costume update

my blouse underneath corset
31 December 2012: my blouse is coming underneath the corset. It is finished except for the closing at the back of the neck.
outer jacket in progress
1 January 2013: My outer coat in process. V. drew a coat as she has seen it in one of her splendid books on historical costuming. We thought it quite ingenious. I am in a bit of a panic as this coat still needs lots of work.
3 January: My friend V. gave me these fabulous vintage gloves, they fit perfectly with my golden dress.
cuff and sleeve of the blouse with part of the vest
Cuff and sleeve of the blouse with part of the vest. I will embellish the seam of the cuff with a ribbon.
golden vest embellished with pearls
6 Januari: the blouse and vest are almost finished. I embellished the vest with pearls and it only needs a fastening at the front. And here I have a problem: the pattern of the vest was drawn too small so it can't close like it is supposed to. I will add a strip of cloth behind the closure and have two rows of buttons, like a double breasted coat.
9 January: I found the sweetest boots to go with my golden dress! The skirt still needs hemming.
12 January: the pleated outer skirt with the bustle underneath are finished.
The bustle goes between the underskirt and outer skirt. I embellished the underskirt with some ruffles, just for fun.
22 January: I added an extra almost transparent top skirt with tuck-ups. The patterns of the all the skirts are from this Burda pattern. I am omitting the front top skirt as it looks a bit too country-style for me and I would like to see more of the beautiful flowered yellow silk.
front view of corset
28 January: front view of the finished corset. I can't get rid of the little tuck in the middle even with ironing, so it has to be as it is. I embellished the corset with little pearls. V. also drew the pattern for this corset.
back view of corset with laces
And the back view with the laces. It is coming quite together!

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