Friday, 3 April 2015

Art & yoga chakra workshop: Swadistana

Today I went to the second Art & yoga chakra workshop in these series and this time it was all about the second chakra or Swadistana. This chakra is located under the navel, is orange of colour, has six petals and is connected to the element water (emotions) and the sense of taste. Also old memories and experiences are stored here and it is the home of creativity, sexuality, fertility but also of taking your responsibility.
painting of second chakra or swadistana
painting of second chakra or swadistana, by Jasmijn S.
Our yoga teacher Ilona led us through the Suryia Namaskar (sun salutation), a series of asanas and a meditation which were all specifically chosen for their effect on swadistana. The asanas included the poses Virabhadrasana I (warrior pose), Baddha konasa (butterfly) and the Padangustasana (hand-to-big-toe).
participant painting
After the yoga session and a small break we were given a piece of paper and we were asked to go back in our memories to the time when we were about 7 years old. What made us happy then, so happy that we lost track of time? I remember drawing and painting, but also playing outside with my new friends. We just had moved from a village to a city when I became 7 and that ment: new house, school, friends, new surroundings. My world must have been upside down for a while. 
Then the music turned up and we danced for a while, again to get in touch with that inner child of us that wants to play and have fun.
initial set-up of my painting
Immediately after dancing we went smoothly to painting with watercolors. Above is what I drew initially and below is how it finally turned out. What struck me afterwards is that the painting looks like it is divided in two: the left and the right part. 
my finished watercolor
The left part is where I am happy with myself and my surroundings and the right part depicts the turmoil I must have been in after the move. There is no straight divider between the two parts but rather a playful line.
four finished watercolors
We ended the pleasant afternoon with healthy snacks and looking at our watercolors. We talked about what we saw and how we felt when we were painting them. It felt joyful & happy and it shows!
Happy Easter to you all.


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