Saturday, 4 January 2014

A deer collection

My girlfriend and I went to some other girlfriends in the north for the past few days. We talked, went into town, had coffees and lovely dinners. Well, we basically enjoyed each other's company and it was great to talk to each other again. I found out she has a new collection: a collection of deer. Here are some examples:
card with deer
Deer on a card.
candle holder and card with a deer
Candle holder and card with a deer.
deer in a snow ball
Deer in a snow ball and a red deer in the background.
vintage lamp with deer
Vintage lamp with a deer in a landscape.
deer with butterfly on tail
Deer with a butterfly on its tail.
felt placemat with red deer
Felt placemat with a red deer.
red deer
Red deer
red deer under the christmas tree
Red deer under the christmas tree.
silver deer
Silver deer in a tray with candles.
I quite like this collection of deer. Do you have a collection?

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