Thursday, 9 January 2014

Reflections on April, 2013

April 2013 was a busy month, I can see that in my calendar: interviews at the University of Amsterdam, the funeral of a dear aunt, friends' birthday parties, buying international train tickets, Secretary Day, my halfway evaluation at work, a course on personal growth, my sister and niece coming over and last but not least: Queen's Day!

bee with buddha
Also, temperatures already hit 20 degrees Celsius, which was very early for the time of year. Trees started blossoming and bees were humming.

pink blossoms
budding tree

Evenings became longer and we could admire the colors of the sunset.
sunset with chemtrails

Some things never change: a big coffee in the weekends.
half a pint of coffee

I shot one of the pictures that were picked for my first exhibition. See more on that subject over here.
reflection of branches in a car

Because of the beautiful weather we started working in H's garden again, there is always lots to do.
orange roots
some kind of nuts

We went to the exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier in Rotterdam. See more on that over here.
exhibition Jean Paul Gauthier

And like I said, last but not least: Queen's Day! It was going to be our last Queen's Day as we now have a King. The preparations for our costumes are always a lot of fun. My friend V. who makes the costumes, has this unlimited imagination and she creates the most wonderful outfits for us. See more on the preparations over here.
underskirt with boning
And here we are!

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