Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A walk around the country

Last Sunday was a beautiful day. I woke up late from a late night up and decided to go for a little walk in the countryside to get some fresh oxygen and Vitamin D.
I didn't go very far, but that was not my objective. When I go for a Miksang walk I don't need to go very far, because there is so much to see with every step I take.
sky with thready clouds
The first thing I saw was this amazing blue sky with thready clouds: it seemed the wind had torn the clouds to shreds.
wooden fence with red lock
Cattle were indoors, fences stood idle.
first frost on leaves
We had our first night frost, and that was still visible in places where the sun hadn't shown its rays.
muddy pool
I passed a place where it's always muddy, according to my friend H. there is a natural well on this spot.
red berries

white berries
And, winter or not, I saw these amazingly bright red and white berries. I'm sure the birds love them in this cold season!

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